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Implants Dental implants involve the placement of a titanium screw in the bone of your jaws. Titanium is used as it allows bone to heal and grow around the implant so it is held tightly within the bone. Once the implant is held tightly within the bone we can use the implant for a number of reconstructive purposes within your mouth.

Firstly, if you have missing teeth within your mouth, an implant can be placed in the area of the missing tooth. Once the bone has healed around the implant we can place a tooth coloured and shaped crown onto the implant and so the gap in your mouth will be filled with a ‘new’ tooth.

Secondly, if you are missing all your teeth in either your upper and/or lower jaw and find your denture uncomfortable to wear (if it is always loose or dislodges easily from your mouth while you talk or eat) implants may help you retain your denture. At least 2 implants can be placed in your jaw and be used to improve your denture’s retention by allowing the denture to ‘clip’ onto the implant.

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